Dr. Sabharwal's Medicals Ltd.

Dr. Sabharwal’s Medicals Ltd. was established in 1986 with the main object of providing world class wound care products at reasonable rates. Due to its strong R & D the group has succeeded to achieve its aim and could develop many new products for the first time in India like P.U. Bandage, Cohesive Bandage, Nitrofurazone and Povidone Iodine Tulle Gauze Dressings etc.


The main promote of this Company is Manish Sabharwal BA, BSc, LLB who is a scientist, having hobby of developing innovative products. Mr. Manish Sabharwal has more than 20 years experience in this line.

More than 100 people are working in this manufacturing venture. Annual turnover of the Company is about Rs. 5.00  Crores. The Company  has ISO 9001 : 2000 & 13485 & CE marking on all its products. The quality of products is such that all the products are being well accepted the world over. The Company has GMP & Free Sale Certificate for all its products.

The Comoany is contract manufacturer for so many multinationals world over, we are exporting our products to more than 30 counties the world over like England, Scotland, Belgium, Greece, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, New-zeland, Ghana, Switzerland etc. The maximum export is to European Countries only.


The unit is self sufficient to manufacture all the items it claims & have full fledged testing lab of its own. It has its own vehicles to carry expert staff to the unit & van to carry the goods to transport nagar. The unit has permanent skilled workers. No temporary workers are there in the unit on daily basis.

Major Clients are defence, big hospitals of repute, doctors and nursing homes & ministry of health of different countries worldwide. Group is exporting its products the world over. The majore exports are to North & South America, Africa, Middle East & Asia & Far east including Australia. There is no racial or geographical barrier to our products. All products of the Company fall under custom heading of 3005.

We are registered with US FDA, GCC Countries, Turkey, Malaysia & Ethiopia etc. The Company has been awarded by Ministry of Commerce for excellence in Exports more than thrice. The Company also won Best Supplier’s award from SPC of Sri Lanka

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Cotton Crepe Bandage B.P. - HEALOCREPE

Thick fabric.
Woven fast edges.
Better elasticity.
Controlled, uniform & smooth pressure.
Allows normal skin breathing.
Does not hamper muscular & joint mobility.
Washing in warm water restores elasticity, therefore bandage can be used again & again.

Manufactured on imported auto looms, has woven fast edges & flesh colour.

Sizes Available in Plastic Jar, Flesh Colours/Orange Clolour

3.01 - 15cm x 4m stretched
3.02 - 10cm x 4m stretched
3.03 - 8cm x 4m stretched
3.04 - 6cm x 4m stretched

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Cotton & Rubber Elastic Bandage

Elastic fluffy bandage.
Good aesthetic appearance.
Autocloveable & reusable.
For support & for giving warmth to body parts or to hold dressings at its place.


Do not wrap too tight to occlude blood supply.

Sizes Available in Individual Pouch, Natural Off-white Colour

15cm x 4.5m stretched
10cm x 4.5m stretched
7.5cm x 4.5m stretched
5cm x 4.5m stretched
Any other Size on Request

Very heavy quality compression bandage to be used after cardiac surgery or for leg compression is also available.

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Cotton Stretch Bandage

It is fully wrinkled crepe bandage.
Very soft & has stretchability of about 50 to 60%.
Pure cotton variety is available.
It is highly conformable.
Medium quality short stretch bandage.


This crepe bandage is of special weave has a stretch of about 50%.

It is of cotton & polyamide.

Medium weight short stretch bandage for support.


It is a conforming Bandage, both width & length wise.
It has stretchability of about 33 to 55%.
Light weight short stretch bandage.

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Feather fast edges crepe bandage.
100% cotton variety.


Good aesthetic appeal due to woven fast edges.
Thick fabric.
Allows free muscle & joint movement.
Contains natural rubber & wool fat.
Porous adhesive to allow skin breathing.
Contains zinc oxide which acts as a mild antiseptic, astringent & anti inflammatory.
Adhesive covered with release liner for easy unrolling, easy application, long protection during long storage life.
An ideal bandage where support, immobilization & Pressure is required.


Apply to clean dry shaven skin.
Store in a well ventilated dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Also Available:-

White coloured with or without central line.
Without inter liner release paper.
In PVC, tin or card board container.
Reverse rolled with adhesive out side.
Small width of 2.5cm.
Small length of 10cm, 30cm or 1 meter.
Sterilized elastic plaster.

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It is non adherent, latex free, hypoallergenic, gamma sterile dressing.
Allows easy wound drainage.
It is soothing, enhance healing in burns, skin grafts, skin loss and lacerated wounds.


Individually packed in pealable alluminium foil,  gamma sterile.
Also in ABS or Alluminium container of 10 pieces each.

Sizes Available:-

10cm x 10cm Individually Packed
5cm x 5cm & 10cm x 10cm Tin of 10pcs or 24pcs
10cm x 15cm, 10cm x 20cm, 15cm x 20cm,
5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 4/7m in Pouches.
10cm x 4m/7m/9m in Tins.

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Leno weave cotton gauze impregnated with an ointment of soft paraffin having Chlorhexidine Acetate 0.5% w/w.


Individually packed in pealopen  alluminium foil gamma sterile  Also available in ABS or Alluminium container of 10 pieces each.


To be applied on cleaned wound only.
For external single use.
Do not resterilize.
Do not use if pouch is damaged or open.

Sizes Available:-

5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 1m Individually Packed or 10cm x 8 meters size etc.

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Woven Cloth Base

Breathable cloth fabric.
Superior strong adhesive, natural rubber based.
Medicated with superior antibacterial Benzalkonium Chloride.
First Aid remedy for small cuts, wounds & abrasions.
Can also be used as protection against pressure point.

Directions of use:-

Clean the wound with antiseptic wipe.
Dry it thoroughly.
Take out the dressing strip.
Position medicated pad on the wound.
Press down pressure sensitive adhesive on the edges firmly.
Change plaster at least one daily.
Always clean your hands before & after changing the plaster.
Adhesive first aid dressing water proof with hypoallergenic adhesive is also available.
Available in flesh colour or for children in blue, red, green, purple, yellow etc.
Also blue for food industry.

Sizes Available:-

19 x 72mm
4cm x 1m
6cm x 1m
7.5cm x 1m
10cm x 1m
Or any other size on required.

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FAD with unmedicated wound pad

Contains no medicine so can be used by people allergic to medicines.
Product being unmedicated does not require registration in most countries.
Breathable non-woven fabric base.
PE film base also available on request.
Can be given sterile if required.


It is made of absorbent cotton gauze of B.P. quality type 13 light with all cut threads folded inside.
It is made on fully automatic machines. It is used to clean or cover the operated wound or any other wounds after applying antiseptic ointment.

Size: Available in 1 or 2 Swabs / Pouch Sterile:-

7.01 - 5cm x 5cm x 12ply
7.02 - 7.5cm x 7.5cm x 12ply
7.03 - 10cm x 10cm x 12ply

Also available 100’s pack nonsterile.
Also available other thread counts on bulk order.
Also available with x-ray detectable threads.

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8.01 - Non-Adherent Surgical Pad – Highly absorbent non-woven pad covered with perforated non-adherent netting.

Size: Available:-

5cm x 5cm
7.5cm x 7.5cm
10cm x 10 cm
10cm x 20cm or

Any other size

8.02 - Combine Dressing - Also available thick pad having absorbent cotton wool covered by absorbent gauze or absorbent perforated non- woven.

Size: Available:-

10cm x 10cm
10cm x 20cm
13cm x 23 cm (5” x 9”)
20cm x 20cm (8” x 8”)
Any special size can be made on bulk prder.
Available individually pouch packed & sterile.
Also available in bulk pads non-sterile.

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Pad contains absorbent cotton wrapped with absorbent non-adherent, non-woven.
It is individually packed.
Gamma Sterile.
Oblong in shape.


6cm x 8cm.
Completely covers the eye.


The complete orthopaedic bandage for giving skin traction in fracture femur. Includes adhesive plaster, plastic plate, cord & cotton crepe bandage. It is so convenient to use that the Doctor who uses it once loves to use it again & again. It is time saver, money saver, easy & quick to apply for the doctor. Introduced in INDIA by us for the first time.

How To Apply :-

Shave the skin, wash with soap & water and dry it. Keep the plate on the heel. Take off the release paper from one side of adhesive tape & now stick to that side of leg. Take off the release paper from other side of adhesive tape & now stick to that side of leg. Wrap the crepe bandage. Now tie one or two bricks or sand bag to the string attached to plastic plate & hand to the edge of the bed.

Available in adult & child size.

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It is absorbent non-woven, made of soft natural cellulose fibers which adds to the comfort of the patient while plastered. Being natural, it is hypoallergenic. Prevents skin maceration. Protects bony prominences.
Absorbs exudates and sweat. Provides cushion between the skin and the plaster.

P.U. BANDAGE : Poly Urethane Casting Bandage

Polyester based fabric coated with water curable polyurethane. This P.U. Bandage is light weight substitute for Plaster of Paris Bandage.

It is of variable setting time.
It is light weight & popous.
It is X-ray transparent.
Patient can return to work early.
Dr. Sabharwal’s P.U. Bandage (Polyurethane Casting Bandage) is more pliable & soft made especially for tropical climate. It is of high strength & is more conformable. To keep it fresh it has been packed in two shells of alluminium foil & one card board carton. It is high strength, light weight, x-ray transparent. Patient can even swim after putting it on.

1. Clean the area to be applied with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol or Povidone Iodine. Dry it & apply some talcum powder, pull the stockinett over the part and apply Cast Padding over it before applying P.U. Bandage.
2. Wear gloves.
3. Chose an adequate size, open a foil pouch one at a time.
4. For best result dip the bandage in tap water for 2 seconds, take out of water & squeeze once. For making fast setting squeeze 2 to 3 times & for medium setting do not squeeze. If very slow setting is required the bandage may be applied without dipping in water & after wrapping & molding, wet it by dipping gloved hands in water 2-3 times & massage it. 
5. P.U. Bandage should be applied from the narrow part towards the wide part with the bandage staying close to the desired area.
6. Make sure not to apply P.U. Bandage with the bandage opened long.
7. Apply P.U. Bandage in a spiral motion but not with excessive tension.
8. Mold the Casted area freely with gloved hands dipped in water.

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It is the bandage which adheres to itself only.
It does not adhere to skin or hair.
Therefore no maceration of skin & no plucking of hair.
It is tearable, porous & easy & quick to use.


It is used to keep the dressing at its place or to splint two fingers or toes together.
Available in skin colour or 5 colours of rainbow.


“Widthwise stretchable adhesive plaster to provide support to joints without hampering mobility”.

Very useful for applying skin traction in fracture femur. Being porous does not cause maceration of skin. Available with hypoallergenic adhesive also.


It is a tubular bandage. It is worn on the limb to give cushioning before plastering. It absorbs  sweat & protect bony prominencesfrom plaster cast.

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Tubular support bandage is easy and quick to apply & re-aply, provides even pressure, is comfortable & allows freedom of movement. It is washable & stays in place without pins or tape.

It is used for the treatment & prevention of various veins, leg oedema, in minor injuries or for joint support. It is also used for support after removal of Plaster Casts. It is available in sizes A to G i.e. 5cm to 12cm diameter & from 0.5m to 10m length. Now also available in 15, 17, 20, & 30cm diameter. Contains cotton threads & heat resistant latex rubber & polyester. Also available latex free quality.


1.    Adhesive Tape USP
2.    Microporous Hypoallergenic Surgical Tape
3.    Plaster of Paris Bandage B.P.
4.    Knee Cap
5.    Tubular Elastic Net Bandage
6.    Pre-Injection Wipe
7.    Belladonna & Capsicum Plaster
7.    Kling Type Crimp Gauze Roll
9.    IV Cannula & IV Cannula Kit
10.  Cannula Fixing Device
11.  Cold & Hot Pack
12.  First Aid Kits
13.  Fever & Pain Patch

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